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Black Book Market Research LLC is the premier provider of competitive intelligence, market research, opinion mining, sentiment analysis, services evaluation and strategic consulting services to Fortune 2000 companies worldwide. We gather unbiased, accurate and timely competitive services information, client experience measurements and user opinions. We deliver powerful market information, insightful analysis and targeted recommendations to Fortune 2000 firms to harness the power of global business development.
Since 2010, The Black Book Market Research LLC has been recognized as a
Top 25 international market research niche firm, specializing in the managed services and technology, procurement, finance and business services sectors. We have served over 12,000 clients including all of the nation’s top 100 financial institutions, 300 largest hospitals, 50 top insurers, 100 top universities, and the world’s 400 largest technology firms. Our earned reputation for extreme accuracy and enthusiastic customer service keep our clients requesting our services year after year.
Black Book Market Research LLC is committed to continuing research and analysis of the strategic issues in the global marketplace. We’ve developed specialized surveying tools, opinion mining and knowledge management systems that enable our consultants to create and share innovative approaches worldwide.